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How It Works

Central Station Flow

After installing your alarm system at your home and contacting us to activate monitoring, any sensor alarm activity will be reported to the central station. These activity items could include an alarm, tamper, and low battery amongst other signals. 

From there, the monitoring center will review your account information to contact your call list. If it was a false alarm, no problem, just tell them that and provide your monitoring center passcode. If you don’t answer, they will call the next person on the call list, and ultimately dispatch the appropriate authorities. 

At the same time that the monitoring center is making calls, you will receive push notifications and alerts to your cell phone and computer, if you have this setting switched on.

How Hour Alarm Set-Up Works

Your experience with Hour Alarm starts the moment you visit our website. Use our pre-set kits and add-ons to customize an alarm system that fits your home’s needs. 

Once we receive your order, we do all of the back-end programming and setup in our offices. We test the sensors to make sure that they are working and programmed in properly, and set up your preliminary mobile app settings. We then take all of your alarm system pieces and package it up with a user guide and set of stickers to be shipped to your home. Our goal is to get the system en route to you within one business day.

Once your package is received at your home, you will want to unbox all of the components. Please be sure to note the number labels on each box. These will be important for your zone list! After unboxing is complete, please review your User Guide for mounting instructions.

The next step is to go to our Help Center to fill out your activation form. This can be found under the heading “Activate My System”. You will need some basic information to complete this: your name, your address, two call list contacts, a central station passcode, and your zone list.

Your zone list will be the device number followed by the location description of your device. For example, if you mount the device in box 1 at your front door, that “zone” would look like:

Zone 1 - Front Door

These zone descriptions can be as detailed or minimal as you’d like.

After you have received a confirmation email that your system has been activated (within one business day), it is recommended that you test the system to ensure proper functioning of all devices. To do this, you’ll want to place the system in test with the monitoring center (866-692-5216 x 1), arm your system, wait until the alarm is fully armed, and test the devices. Devices can be tested in the following ways:

Door/Window Sensors: These can be tested by opening the door or window that they are mounted to.

Motion Sensor: This can be tested by walking in front of the motion sensor while the system is armed to Away.

After this is all complete, your system should be all set and ready to use!