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1. Choose your security package and sensors. If you need help, we can walk you through exactly what your home needs and ship it straight to your front door.

2. Set it up in just a few minutes - no tools needed.

3. Contact us to activate your monitoring using the forms in our Help Center.


Quick and easy setup! Just had to plug it in and put up my sensors. Unmatched technical support when testing the equipment!

Justin M.

Easy to install, with good instructions. Just a small hiccup with the alarm going off during install, that can be easily avoided if you insure its disarmed prior to installing door/window and or motion devices. The perfect home DIY system to protect me and my family. 

Mark L.

Simple setup, no real technical expertise required and still provides everything you would expect from a complete home alarm system.

Terrel L.

Easy, quick DIY installation, great for a robust alarm system that is reasonably priced.

Elaine L.